In my life I have had the opportunity to sit and talk with some great men. Often times those talks occurred after more than a few beverages. However, the things we spoke of were not that of debauchery, vice, or even the slightest immorality. Instead they where conversations of and about God. It is my purpose to reflect  on some of those conversations as well as some of my own ponderings of the divine. I am reminded of the “Cloud of Unknowing” as it states so beautifully, “You are to smite upon the thick cloud of unknowing with a sharp dart of longing love and do not cease no matter what happens.”

I do not presume to know anything, only that I am continually trying to know the unknowable. These are the darts I hope to let fly; seeking the infinite, forgoing the finite, searching for truth, whilst treading heavily over the lies.

Manliness, Theology, and Scripture.
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